About us

We are Cryptology & Algorithm Lab and our leader is Professor Jae Hong Seo. Our main research interests are in cryptography especially zero-knowledge proof. Besides cryptography, we’re interested in artificial intelligence using deep learning such as face recognition and speaker recognition.

Annual News

  • (May 31, 2023) The following paper has been accepted for publication in IWSEC 2023
    • Hyeonbum Lee and Jae Hong Seo*, "TENET : Sublogarithmic Proof, Sublinear Verifier Inner Product Argument without a Trusted Setup"
  • (May 13, 2023) Two of our members, Seunghun Paik and Minsu Kim, received the "한양학업 최우수상 (Top Academic Excellence Award)" from the President of Hanyang University.
  • (Apr 20, 2023) The following paper has been accepted for publication in Designs, Codes and Cryptography
    • Hyung Tae Lee and Jae Hong Seo*, "On the Security of Functional Encryption in the Generic Group Model"
  • (Apr 20, 2023) Prof. Jae Hong Seo joins in the program committees of ASIACRYPT 2023 and PQCrypto 2023.
  • (Feb 14, 2023) Bora Jeong won the Grand Prize in the best research paper award for graduate students by the Research Institute for Natural Sciences, Hanyang University.
    • Bora Jeong, Sunpill Kim, Seunghun Paik, and Jae Hong Seo*, "Analysis on Secure Triplet Loss."
  • (Jan 5, 2023) Our student captain, Sunpill Kim, visits A*STAR at Singapore, one of the world's leading research institutes, for a year-long collaborative research. We wish him success in his studies at A*STAR.


Deep Learning
Seminar Schedule - Deep Learning Paper
Date Time Place Presenter Topic
1/2 01:00PM 702 Seunghun Universal Hopfield Networks: A General Framework for Single-Shot Associative Memory Models
Dongsu Towards Face Encryption by Generating Adversarial Identity Masks
1/16 01:00PM 702 Chanwoo SFace: Sigmoid-Constrained Hypersphere Loss for Robust Face Recognition
Seunghun Continual variational autoencoder learning via online cooperative memorization
1/26 10:00AM 702 Prof. Jaehong Seo Hopfield Network Summary
1/30 01:00PM 702 Dongsu AnchorFace: Boosting TAR@FAR for Practical Face Recognition
Chanwoo Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition with Learnable Privacy Budgets in Frequency Domain
2/13 01:00PM 701 Seunghun Hyperspherical Consistency Regularization
Dongsu CoupleFace: Relation Matters for Face Recognition Distillation
2/20 01:00PM 702 Chanwoo QuantFace: Towards lightweight face recognition by synthetic data low-bit quantization
Seunghun On the Relationship Between Variational Inference and Auto-Associative Memory
TBD TBD TBD Dongsu UFace: An Unsupervised Deep Learning Face Verification System
Chanwoo Frontal-Centers Guided Face: Boosting Face Recognition by Learning Pose-Invariant Features

Computational Number Theory & Algebra
Seminar Schedule - Computational Number Theory & Algebra
Book : A computational Introductiobn to Numver Theory and Algebra second Edition
Date Time Place Topic
1/5 01:00PM 702 Chap. 1 ~ 4, Review on Number Theory and Integer Arithmetics
1/12 01:00PM 702 Chap. 8 ~ 9, Probabilistic Distributions and Algorithms on
1/19 01:00PM 702 Chap. 10 ~ 12, More Probabilistic Algorithms on (e.g. Miller-Rabin Test)
1/26 01:00PM 702 Chap. 6,7,13,14, Groups, Rings, Modules, and Vector Spaces
2/2 01:00PM 702 Chap. 16, More on Rings (e.g. Field Extension, PID, UFD, ...)
2/9 01:00PM 702 Chap. 17 ~ 18, Polynomial Arithmetics, and Linearly Generated Sequences
2/16 01:00PM 702 Chap. 19 ~ 20, Finite Fields, Algorithms for Finite Fields (e.g. Cantor-Zassenhaus Algorithm)
2/23 01:00PM 702 Chap. 15, 21, Dixon’s Method, Index Calculus Method, and AKS Algorithm

Seminar Schedule - Algorithm
Every Wednesday at 1pm

Zero Knowledge Proof
Seminar Schedule - Zero Knowledge Proof


For any inquires, you can reach us via email: webmaster.cnalab@gmail.com